Mameta Endo

Mameta Endo is a writer, a trans activist based in Tokyo, and the founder of 24zzz(Niji-zu: a safe space for LGBT youth).

As a trans person, Mameta started his activism when he was a teen. Mameta educates on LGBTQ issues through books and training programs. Mameta published four books regarding LGBTQ community in Japan, including "An LGBT Guidebook for Teachers and Parents - what to do if a child comes out to you (Godo Press)" (2016).

Mameta is running Niji-zu as the representative, a safe space for LGBT (and questioning) youth ranging in age from their teens to age 23. Niji-zu is one of the most known LGBT youth services in Japan where LGBTQ teens and tweens can meet up with their peers. Niji-zu now has 9 branches including Tokyo, Sapporo, Kyoto and Osaka.

Mameta also works at as a campaign supporter. He has helped a variety of petitions win including feminism and LGBTQ related petitions, such as Remove the Gender Indication from Japanese Resumes and #KuToo movement.